4 Monthly Dividend Stock on Robinhood (SPECIAL DIVIDENDS)

4 Monthly Dividend Stock on Robinhood (SPECIAL DIVIDENDS)

there’s only one thing better than
monthly dividends and that’s more monthly dividends what’s up guys welcome
back to the channel my name is Bruce Wayne in today’s video
I’m gonna go over four more monthly dividend stocks that I’ve been keeping
my eye on and it has been in my watch list for a long time
monthly dividend stocks are great to have in your portfolio they provide very
stable income especially if you pick the right companies so let’s just jump right
into the Robin Hood portfolio and take a look at all the monthly dividend stocks
that I’m talking about this is my Robin Hood challenge I deposit $100 into my
Robin Hood portfolio every week I buy sell and mostly collect dividends if you
want to join me there’s a link in the description when you sign up you get a
free stock these are some of the stuffs that you might be able to get Berkshire
Hathaway Apple Facebook CenturyLink energy transfer and the best part
there’s no Commission’s on any trades so that means you can buy one stock and you
don’t have to pay any Commission’s on that trade so back to my portfolio I’m
at three thousand one hundred and five dollars today is a red day for me I’m
down about five dollars and fifty cents on the week I’m at one hundred and eight
dollars on the month I’m up three hundred sixty dollars the three month
I’m up five hundred dollars one year I’m up four hundred sixty and the greatest
of all I’m finally up again on my all-time chart here I first began
trading penny stocks in 2017 I lost a lot of money probably in the $500 range
and now I’m finally in the green after all this time penny stock trading wasn’t
for me so I had to switch up my strategy my new strategy is to invest for the
long term into really great companies like Apple and Microsoft Nike and also
to collect dividends monthly dividends quarterly dividends annual dividends
from all different types of companies so I want to stick with the tradition to
open some of the free rewards I got from my subscribers I’m gonna start off with
one from Matthew I’m gonna open the one right in the middle hopefully I get
something rare and instead I got xanga the shares worth
five dollars and two cents I know I do not want to answer that Thank You Daphne
let’s open up the 1 all the way on the right side and I got one stock of
Groupon for $3.31 and 32 cents for the last stock of the day I’m gonna open
from I’m gonna open this one from Ken so thank you can I’m gonna pick the one on
the left here and something that I’ve never seen before what is this transcend
Trix trans Center X worth two dollars and 74 cents no idea what this company
is I have to do some digging into this company I don’t want to bore you with
opening more rewards so let’s save that for the next video I’m gonna jump in
right into the monthly dividend stocks that I want to highlight so at the
moment I’m currently invested into seven monthly dividend stocks and right here
on the screen is exactly what I have and the number next to it that is how much
money I’m invested into each of these stocks I went over all of these stocks
all the pros and cons and what I think about them so if you want to go check
that out I’ll link it in the in the card above so these monthly dividend stocks
are what I regularly invest in each and every week and I use the dividends to
reinvest back into my portfolio from my research I know that there are probably
40-plus monthly dividend stocks that are out there on the stock market so these
are the ones I have and there are a few on my watch list and those are the ones
I want to highlight and go over so one thing that I want to say about all these
monthly dividend stocks that are in my watchlist is that the lowest market cap
is two billion dollars and there are a lot of stocks out there that are monthly
dividend paying but their market cap is a lot lower than 1 billion dollars and
when a company has less than 1 billion dollar market cap I’m just not
interested in investing in them because it’s just such a such a small company so
the first monthly dividend stock that I want to highlight is PBA Pembina is $36
and 15 9 cents as you can see on the day they’re doing
all right on the weak they’re down 1% on the month they’re dead they’re up $3.00
on the three months chart they’re up almost $4 on the year they’re up $3 on
the five-year chart you can see that there has been some up-and-down but
overall they’re still 1.7 percent up just from looking at this chart I can
tell that there is not much volatility in Pembina and I like stocks that are
not that volatile when it comes to monthly difference talks is a market cap
is 18 billion dollars that means that this company is very big very mature
dividend yield is four point three three percent the 52 week high is 37 dollars
and the 52 week low is $28 this company is very mature as you can see it was
founded in 1954 over 70 years old right now Pembina is a pipeline company and
the biggest on this list and one of the riskiest pipeline companies are
generally a low-risk play in this regard what this Canadian oil company has
struggled as of late so now let’s take a look at how much PPA pays out per month
for their dividend their ex-dividend date is on February 22 2009 teen and the
cash amount for the dividends is about fourteen point five cents and it looks
like it jumps up between is always up and down around fourteen cents
ever since scrolling down here this is all 2018 2017 it was still around
fourteen cents and two thousands in mid 2017 it was around twelve cents so in
the last year in the last two three years they have increased their
dividends so just looking through the history you can see that there is some
growth but not that much the second monthly dividend stock on my list right
here is Shaw’s communication right now it is 20 dollars and 58 cents it’s
moving sideways on the day not too much volatility there on the week it’s been
down just a little bit on the month down about
up about a dollar right on the three months up one dollar and seventeen cents
on the year up four percent in the five-year chart you can see that is down
about 10% s Jr’s market cap is around ten point five billion dollars dividend
yield is at four point five nine percent this dividend yield is a bit more
sustainable under five percent the 52 weeks high is $21.50 52 week low is
$17.50 this company is very mature founded in 1966 over 50 years old and
you can see the volatility is considered low this is another Canadian company
telecommunications company the last stock was also a Canadian company one
thing to note about Canadian companies and their monthly dividend payouts they
pay out in Canadian dollars so I’m not sure how Robin Hood if they exchange it
into American dollars and they pay out in American dollars and I don’t know
exactly that process but because I don’t own any Canadian stops at the moment
Charles communication is there if you guys want to try it out and if you are
gonna try it out let me know and tell me about the dividend payouts because do
they pay out correctly or do they convert it and like charge you a fee or
anything like that yeah please if you guys know the difference let me know
before I jump into the third multi dividend stock please drop election me
have you been enjoying this video it really helps me a lot when the
engagements are really high on this video thanks dpr properties is a
commercial real estate investment trust epr is also known as entertainment
properties dpr specializes in a lot of non-traditional assets such as golf
driving ranges ski parks water parks they have private schools and a lot more
their market cap is about 5.5 billion and their dividend yield is about 6.2 3
percent the 52 weeks high is 75 $75 takes two weeks low is about fifty one
dollars for example my REITs investments all are mostly either hospitality
apartment buildings or residential buildings
and commercial buildings but nothing like the in nothing in entertainment so
this might be a great way to diversify your portfolio if you have all of the
similar types of REITs that I have so the fourth and the last monthly dividend
stock on my watch list is Main Street capital right now they’re about
thirty-eight dollars and 97 cents on the day they’re just going sideways on the
week up two percent up sixty percent on the month three months charges up almost
three percent on the year they’re up almost ten percent that’s that’s pretty
crazy that’s a lot of growth if you look at the five-year chart they’re up twenty
percent so there’s a lot of growth in this company make sure your capital that
is uh that’s great to see it’s great to see a trend going up where it’s all at
all times the market cap is 2.3 billion dividend yield five point six six
percent fifty-two weeks high is $40 d 52 weeks low is about thirty two dollars so
there’s not much volatility in this stock at the moment which is great let’s
take a look at the dividend history of this company if we take a look back we
can see that the dividends for the month of each month are around nineteen cents
at the moment and it’s been that way for the last few months if we take a look
into 2018 the dividends are still about nineteen cents and the one and one thing
about Maine they pay a semi-annual special dividend so that means there’s
an extra two dividends every year that they pay I’m not sure why they do that
but the more dividends the better so you can see that this company has been
increasing their dividend yields year after year that’s a great sign
because it’s showing growth for the company so to be honest the only two
companies that I see myself purchasing in the next few months are either epr
properties or Maine and out of those two I’m leaning towards Maine as the
champion all these monthly dividend companies are very small to mid cap size
and none of them are on the sp500 so that means they’re
not on one of the biggest companies in the world one thing to know about
monthly dividend stocks and dividend stocks in general is that when a company
that is paying dividends when they’re struggling and when they when they’re
not doing good when business not doing good they usually tend to cut their
dividends it doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen so just be aware of
that monthly dividend investing and dividend investing in general is not a
get-rich-quick type of type of thing so just know that this is a very long-term
solution to getting wealthy and getting rich the main goal with dividend
investing is to be able to cover your expenses every month for example myself
I would need about four thousand dollars every month to be able to cover all my
expenses and those are just the bare minimum and currently I’m not anywhere
close to that and it’s gonna take me many years to get to that level unless I
win the lottery or something and try to invest for the long term because I think
that’s the smartest way to go that’s all I have for today’s video if you’ve
enjoyed it please drop a like subscribe for more content exactly like this I
come up with about four videos a week now and I’ll see you in the next video
stay rich guys bye

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