Binomo Binary Options Broker – Is It Good for Making Money?

Best Options Trading Brokerage

What is the best options trading brokerage? Today, we are going to review the brokers that are out there on the market. It’s been on the market for a while. It’s very similar to IQ Option, Binary Options platform. Let’s switch to my regular trading setup; one minute interval, Candlestick graph. Let’s add a couple indicators, moving average, default settings, Bollinger Band default settings, RSI. I’m going to switch overbought to 85 and oversold to 15. You can also put the indicators above. I’m going to add it with the 85, 15, and period 10. Alright this is it. Okay, let’s go ahead and make some trades.

About Binomo

So looks like here the market goes sideways, but there might be the reversal happening at the moment. Let’s do two minutes interval, $100 trade, and wait for the decent entry point. Right now, the entry point is not that good. You can see the price went far down. So in case if it moves up probably to this level, it’s going to be our resistance line. I’m going to proceed with the put trade. This should be the good moment. Okay, it went further up. I’m going to wait a bit. Maybe I will apply Martingale’s Strategy right away and make another call trade when it’s on the upper level. Yeah let’s do it.

Okay, so I just made two trades. One for the $100 and another one for 200 bucks. So the return is 78%. Right now, it shows me the possible return is 356 in case if my $200 trade wins. Okay, we still have some time so let’s wait. One more nice feature that I do like in Binomo is the hotkeys. Now you can activate it over here and it’s allows you to make trades by clicking on the buttons on the keyboard. So you press a key when you want to make a call trade or when you want to make a put trade. You can also adjust the trade amount and the expiration time.

It’s really handy because sometimes the track pad is not that quick to make the trades. When you see the perfect moment, when you see some sudden spike, it can be very helpful. So we’ve got five seconds left with the expiration. I made two trades; 400 bucks and 200 bucks expected profit. It is not expected. It is the actual profit $534 out of 300 invested which is a really, really nice return. Usually this is something that I make per day. So let’s check out a couple other currency payers. There’s EURO/USD. There’s a handful amount of them in the list. I do see some LTC assets here which means that on Binomo platform, you can also trade during the weekends. It also has the demo account available where you can trade virtual money on the real market.

Important Features

The feature is really handy. Many brokers have it out there, but the good thing is that you don’t need to pay anything to use it. You don’t need to create like a paid account. You don’t need to put any money on the Binomo account to trade demo, completely free. So this might look like some nice setup. You see there is a breach of the lower Bollinger Band. The RSI is not at the desired level yet, 42%. This is some nice spike that I’d like to leverage. Okay, not the best entry point. The price went further up. So I’m going to wait a bit. Let’s see what we have here. It’s going sideways. Not the best market conditions.


So how do you think – are we going to make it here? So part of the graph is still loading, probably my internet connection. It is funky today. Alright, let’s check out a couple other assets. GBP/JPY. Alright, this should be good. Yeah, I’m going to make the trade for the closest minute. $100 for the call trade. So I am expecting the graph since the RSI is at 21% level, it’s pretty low. Meaning that the asset is oversold at the moment, so I do expect the price to start going up. Let’s check GBP/JPY, what’s going on here. Probably not enough movement at the moment. Yeah right now in the US, it is the lunchtime. Okay 29 seconds left. This is where we made the call trade. This is where the price is at the moment. Not much movement, so I do expect that we are going to win this one.

We’ll see. Yes, $182. So I didn’t trade that much today, just two trades, two bigger ones. The total amount of revenue is somewhere about$700, a little bit more than 700. So as a conclusion, I would say that Binomo is a pretty decent broker that is definitely worth attention. It also does have the IOS and Android application, which is handy when you are not at your computer and you know that the market is pretty active at the moment. When you have some spare time and you can go ahead and make a couple trades from your mobile phone. So this is it.


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