100 thoughts on “BITCOIN 2020 – BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY YET?! 🔴 Ethereum Devs Arrested by US”

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  2. In Ghana people usually use MTN mobile money MTN is a mobile phone and internet company. There are similar companies that do the same like Vodafone. (Vodafone cash) etc

  3. I learned that old paradigms will not leave the stage without fighting since they are based on competition instead of cooperation.

  4. You cannot do biz in Africa. It has been tried so many times even before I’ve was born. It may be actually good for planet that you cannot get anything done on that continent.
    They still hate your white ass there. And they fear white man. Of course they are good with chinese. I hope that Chinese will also fail. Years back when Chinese company got contract to build a railroad around Kilimanjaro area within two years 300 elephant disappeared. It was in newspapers that no one knew where they went. Complete mystery.
    Yeah just go to Africa. It will be end of that place. Best thing is to leave it alone.
    While Ivan wants to go to Africa, Africans do their best t get out of there. They like Swedish women too. Not much of sweeds as such. Just the women and money.

  5. I believe that we must abide by the regulations of the country that you are from and the international regulations if your country also follows these regulations. Africa is the next frontier for crypto currency is what I learned.

  6. I want 40k doge for Christmas any amount makes it closer to that goal and it will make me happy no joke:
    DFi7DgEv9QRHChKNTi7GpDjjgyjQw6yM5A (This might be a repeat comment sorry but I swear it will make me dead happy)

  7. I live in the US, but I have not heard of the incident regarding the American that went to North Korea to educate officials concerning crypto currency.

  8. Look up the average national IQ of China. Now look up the average national IQ of African countries.

    I highly doubt Africa will become the next China.

  9. Greetings from el salvador. I learned that ivan is iluminati because of van and that africa is the next boom! I love you ivan, thanks for your work in educating us.

  10. South African Regulation tries to make it as difficult as possible to start and run a business. I do not agree that Africa has many opportunities. China is already trying to take over Africa.

  11. Cardano development is accelerating, Ivan…
    You said we're still very early in this space, why so in rush?
    Better build protocol that would last decades with scientific approach.

  12. a) Africa is great! The nature is amazing. People are people everywhere…
    Drive from Kenya to Cape Town via Vic. Falls (or vice versa)….
    b) Ask Elon Musk if the West is stagnant. Where does he sell his innovations?
    There is bureaucratic stagnation, and there is rampant corruption. Those are your choices.

  13. Africa is a population that does not promote capitalism, rule of law, private property rights, self determination. It will take a migration of people that can implement rule of law. This will take decades.

  14. i have learned that Africa will be the place where opportunities appear in the future……… maybe the place to live??

  15. I would recommend going to Rwanda, Kigali for your first trip to the continent Ivan. Lots of focus on tech over there very organised and developed.

  16. Today I learned that we should be careful about educating people with bad intentions taking into account international regulation in our countries.

  17. Today I learned that the different crypto communities can actually come together to achieve a cause when needed. this is great new going forward. would love to learn to program so i can teach or help my kids future

  18. Hi Ivan, MPESA is actually a well developed payments system in Kenya & Tanzania that is accessible to anyone with a phone and an ID. It caters to the unbanked due to less KYC but it’s used by the banked as well due to its convenience.

    You can store money on it, gain interest (small amount), buy airtime and internet bundles, pay utility bills (water, electricity, cable), send money to anyone with a phone in country, receive money from your bank account, deposit money into your bank account, by low cost items at shops and supermarkets, and pay bills at restaurants and bars. You can also pay traffic fines with it. Essentially it is a mini bank now. It is also the main payment method for buying bitcoin on localbitcoins.

    However, in Tanzania each telecom company has its own version of Mpesa, e.g. Safaricom/Vodacom has Mpesa, Airtel has Airtel Money, TIGO has TIGO Pesa and Halotel has Halopesa. These systems are all compatible though, and you can send money to people across all of their networks.

    Hope this helps and is not too much info. Any questions let me know. I’ve learnt a lot about bitcoin and crypto relevant news on your channel, trying to do the little that I can to return the favor.

  19. Thanks IVAN is always funny to hear your videos!!
    Today I learned that Africa will lead the next crypto bull run

  20. He's an idiot to go to N.Korea! The guy who went to run in a race in their major city was given a green light to go. They have constant energy problems and took the people "shopping". They had local people pretending to shop, and some reading magazines upside down. A $40 plain white obviously cheap shoe in that store and the people were so excited to see foreigners, they would stare at items then the people. When they left the store when the doors locked the lights went off ASAP. SMH. The guy was tapped on the shoulder when he corrected some fake history and was put on alert from that moment on. . . It was scary listening to.

  21. I learned that you need a nudge to wake up on why Africa will be successful.

    One problem you're forgetting is that Africa's average IQ is very low. In fact the lowest in the world. Have never asked yourself why there's not a single black nation that's successful? While this feels racist, it's basically not how I think or feel. It's statistics and reality that is racist. Sad, but true. Don't put big hopes on Africa. Look at the recent South Africa fiasco. Whenever they started getting some power, they got nuts. They wanted to enforce socialism and literal distribution of wealth upon everyone and steal land from white people… just because they're white… so basically they're racist BECAUSE THEY HAVE LOW IQ. They don't understand the importance of capitalism. It's almost impossible to drive capitalistic businesses in Africa. They're not welcome!

  22. I’ve learned that Africa could be new field of opportunities for new businesses and people to start without competition. Learned that main program languages are compatible with each other if shifting one to another.

  23. Today, I learned that Africa, as a place with significant information asymmetry, is ripe for big time scams. We need to spread good information and teach. Like Ivan.

  24. I have learned there is a thing called international emergency economic powers act, which you shouldn't mess with…

  25. I think you are wrong about China. China is reverting to more communist policies and their banking system is about to crash, just like the US

  26. Today I learned to watch what I type when discussing sanctions with friends because I might get charged by the US government. I also learned not to go to North Korea!

  27. Thanks for the information about the Onecoin scam, Ivan. Education is the key. Learning English to do research is the tool. I am sadden that people got scammed because of misinformed or misleading by the clever crooks.

  28. But sure crypto stuffs will thrive here but its really tricky. I advice whoever is doing any crypto business here should do it completely decentralised. This way government cant do shit cos they got no tech.

    Last advice is that you target the youths bro!

  29. Etherium gu- it's like the male version of the witless White girls going to Muslim countries to "prove it's safe" and coming back with no head.

  30. I learned that Ivan can sometimes be a bit too dismissive of people – no disrespect Ivan. I love your channel, and I watch all your videos, although not live, as the time is a bit inconvenient for me at work. CEL has been pumping. I bought a little bit, just before it started pumping – very sorry I did not buy more – all in the last week or so. Price has doubled. I would also like to know what's going on over there…..

  31. I can't afford to have even 1 or 2 bitcoin, I have no job, I live with Dad and there are so many problems, can someone who has lots of bitcoins be generous? I guess I'll never get a couple … But I want to hope for some good soul, thanks.


  32. The average IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa is ~ 75 [ In China its 105]. Propensity for spontaneous violence 35x that of a European/ East Asian. In SA white farmers and their children are being raped and murdered in a very cruel manner, as the SA gov calls for the slaughter of whites. Good luck in Africa.

  33. Been looking into a coin to casinocoin. With all my research I'm blown away as the possibilities of what they seem to be doing and their partners signed.
    Can you look into and do a video on them? Be interesting to hear your opinion on them and if worth keeping an eye

  34. Thanks Ivan, great episode! I’ve learned that you can teach an old dog new tricks! I know a bit of code, but as a front end designer, I’d love to extend my skills for backend!

  35. I have learned that there are priests in Africa that are preaching Onecoin, a fucking scam !! Bro that space is insane. Number of Days where the cryptocurrency space was boring since Bitcoin invention: 0. Everyday you hear some drama or some wild news about crypto !! Max Keyser is right you don't change Bitcoin, Bitcoin changes you !!

  36. Hi, my name is Joao and I’m calling from Los Angeles California United States of America. I was born in Africa in the country called Cape Verde. I am new to the cryptocurrency‘s but it’s already changing my life therefore I’m really pleased and willing to do something for my country and my continent of Africa. I know as Africans we can do more than what we’ve told that we can do. Ivan thank you very much for your show and keeping on going spreading this new tech. I am also blind and I’m about to have a very independent life investing on a cryptocurrency‘s.

  37. Yeah need move to africa. here in Mexico killing 130 persons per day. to dangers rise of evil with CJNG once they win war dark side coming. move on

  38. OneCoin is a money vaccine for Africa. It’s a lesson for them. As Ponzi in USA at 20” and MMM in Russia at 90”

  39. Crypto is the worst thing happened to humanity. Its like jungle everyone is out to get you and hidden charges everywhere. Took me 140 to pay someone 123 euro. Scammers low life nerds criminals. Blaming the banking system from fucking the world. You fuck the world even more. Creating money out of thin air. Fuck you all!!!

  40. acabei de ganhar US $ 500.000 com o saldo da carteira de US $ 10.000 do BTC, é real e ele nunca pediu pagamento antecipado.
    ele dobrará o saldo com um software e solicitará pagamento quando estiver pronto. não gostaria de me beneficiar disso sozinho. entre em contato com ele [email protected] obrigado mais tarde.

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