Forex Robots Make More Money?


Wanna know more about robotic stock trading. What makes more money, manual trading or automated trading? Okay, so which method is more profitable, manual or automated trading? Now look, this question comes up a lot, and I want to share my opinion on it, as I know that it is, indeed, a very hot topic. Firstly, let’s take a step back and analyze both methods from a top down perspective. So by definition, Manual or discretionary trading means to place, manage, and close a trade with human intervention. Simply put, that means you’re sitting at your computer or on your mobile, opening and closing your trade by the click of a mouse.

What Makes More Money

Everything from why, when, and how much you trade is solely down to your discretion. Now, it’s also important to note here that the rules you live by as a manual trader should be mechanical. Now, that’s not to confuse the definition, but what I mean by this is that you’re basing your trades on. back-tested strategies. That’s to say, you’re scanning and methodically executing your trades. just as you’ve tested in your back-testing. Else if you don’t well, then you don’t have a strategy. Now, on the other hand, you have the automated trading. Now, you may also hear this referred to as algo trading or trading.

With a robot. Now, in our world, this is done commonly with Metatrader4 or Metatrader5, and it’s known or often referred to as an Expert Advisor. So, an expert advisor is a program that allows you to execute your. Programming logic or your training strategy that trades for you. Now, what this means is that you’re trading with the help of a computer. Which makes the decisions on your behalf based on the programming logic that you’ve programmed in. Now, algorithm by definition means a process or set of rules to be followed in calculation or other programming solving operations, especially by a computer Think of this as, though, you’re telling the computer what you would do manually, but in code.

What Does Experts Say

But there lied the additional challenge coding. Now, you can outsource for programmers to write up the logic for you, but there are risks for that. How do you really know its accuracy? How do you know it’s doing what you expect and that there aren’t any bugs? I mean, you can back test the logic to see the performance, but what if you’re looking for something to just flag signals that you then trade manually? How do you know if it’s doing what you think it should be, every single time when you have no back tested data. Now, on the other hand, you can set yourself the challenge by learning how to program and write some code yourself.

Although, I can tell you that is not a small feat by itself. Learning how to trade, folks, consistently profitable, is like learning a degree. Programming what you’ve learned manually to code is like learning two degrees. So, it goes without saying that, learning and then programming a strategy in the forex market is. Definitely a lot longer path, if you’re doing this with no prior knowledge.


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