I’m Building A $100,000 Stock Portfolio From SCRATCH (Ep. 1)

I’m Building A $100,000 Stock Portfolio From SCRATCH (Ep. 1)

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  1. Thanks for watching and I hope you are as excited as I am for this series!
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  2. I feel your pain with GE. Bot much higher and shuda sold sooner. GE might come back but I had to concede that there are better places to put that buying power.

  3. GE is fine, FB is going to explode…XOM has nowhere to go but up, same with RDS-A, PFE too cheap to ignore. I like what I'm seeing on the IBM chart especially with the Cup & Handle….going to pick up some shares Monday.

  4. Don't forget that IBM is investing in Quantum Computing, which will be the next "big thing" in computing industry for the next decade(s)…

  5. Not sure about product manufacturing businesses since tarrifs are being talked about for some time now with the manufacturer, china.

  6. Hey Ryan, i'm currently a Senior in college and I am using the robinhood app for my dividend portfolio. I really like the robinhood platform but having to buy full shares can be difficult sometimes because of my lack of income during the school year. What are your thoughts on Robinhood compared to M1? I've been thinking about switching but I really like the platform. Thanks for the informative video!

  7. If like you say you didn’t do a ton of investing in 2019 and instead focused $53,000 on a 10 year old car then I think you lost out BIG time brother. I did the exact opposite and traded like an animal last year to the point that I just dropped $15,000 on a new Rolex without even batting an eye. But Good luck, though I doubt the epic returns in 2020 can top 2019 since it is an election year and democrats are hell bent on destroying our economy just to gain power.

  8. Nice video bro, can you do a dedicated video just for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency? sounds very interesting. thanks in advance.

  9. I invested a little in Fundrise and I hated it. Made 2% in 6 months. I’m 100% S&P index fund in M1 Finance. Hope to reach $100K in 12-18 months

  10. Hi Ryan, if I can ask you how this works ideally; I invested in 3M and IBM as you said and both of them are in the red since I added them to my M1 pie at 42% each. In the ideal scenario, when they gain Dividends, who do I reinvest those or do I choose a setting and it does it automatically? Can I also ask you this, ever since I added Alphabet, six months ago, the returns are all black. Every day. But if it doesn't pay dividends is it not worth it? The point of all of this is compound interest right? Thanks, Marcus

  11. I'm going to tell you exactly how to make huge investment decisions, by telling you that I waste money on worthless assets (gtr)

  12. Just earned a subscriber! I’ve watched maybe 3 videos and I’ve learned so much. Thank you and keep them coming👍🏽

  13. Hey Ryan a question that I wish you to address. Can you invest for future for a stock portifolio AND work your way out of debt. Or should you pay off debt first….Would love your thoughts….

  14. The satisfaction of having most of your stuff paid off. Awesome! I like all the planning you did to pay off and then invest. Your videos are pretty good and informative. Your plan for your portfolio on m1 sounds exciting. I just opened an account too. Looking forward to an update.

  15. Hey is the m1 finance only for the states, is there something simil2for Canada? Tha k's for sharing and your transparency! Like it for sure

  16. I'm in the same boat as far as debt. My wife and I finally paid all of our debt off except our mortgage and i'm able to invest around $800 more a week into my portfolio.

  17. $6000 a month investing.. damn congrats to getting to a point where you are able to invest that much and not bat an eye!

  18. i would be very interested in an in-depth video about cryptocurrencies and why your opinions on that have changed!

  19. Thank u for sharing info.. Can u help with which would be a good app to study stocks from fundamental and technical analysis point of view ?

  20. I’m 16 and I’ve been watching finance videos for about over a year and I feel as if I learned nothing I really want to get involved in this stuff please help

  21. Invest $1000 a month for 100 months (8 years 4 months) and don't buy any loser stocks. You'll get to $100,000 well before you have invested for that long. Getting the $1000 requires working more or spending less.

    Interesting project – good luck!

  22. I’m currently 16 with the help of my dad I created my own dividend growth stock portfolio currently my portfolio sits at 1.8K with a 10% growth so its around 2k at the moment I’m using the Robinhood brokerage as I’m just beginning and started about 10 months ago I’m trying to invest atleast 200 every month buying growth stocks such as Microsoft and Coca Cola. My main goal is to be part of the f.i.r.e movement or achieve that status by the age 27 or 30

  23. I lost over 650k after I tried to buy my first stock by my self ,,, With the assistance of Mrs Joanne Mary granchelli a Popular stock broker in the U.S , I have been able to achieve a million dollar stock portfolio, Best stock broker for now

  24. Started last year, so glad I did. Worked 60 plus hours a week for a while to get 100k in there. 7 months in I’m 35% up thanks to some great choices. Imma keep pumping in as much cash as I can for another 2 years and hopefully I can retire at 31. Gonna tell my parents to get on this too. As long as u can grind for that capital. This shit is stupid easy. Like wtf….

  25. Please do a crypto currency investment video. I am really interested in your opinion about the best books / best guides about investing for dummies. A video about that topic for really beginners would be very appreciated too 🙂

  26. Not expecting an exact answer…but If you had to put an estimate on the timeline to meet this goal, what would it be? Thanks Ryan, great videos.

  27. Can someone please explain what he meant by "I will be increasing my monthly contributions" in regards to his portfolio doing well… Increasing the contributions as in buying more stocks?

  28. Lol…how's that portfolio doing. How in the world are people actually still accumulating stocks during this artificially inflated market. The market has been HIGHLY over valued for 4 years now. Trump kept it going when he entered office by keeping interest rates low. The fact that you or anyone has been accumulating over the last few years is comical. Trillions in debt, countless companies out there with no earnings (nevermind profits) yet they have insane valuations. We are going back to 2008 Dow. That's what you are seeing here. Bull, they make money. Bears, they make money. Pigs, they get slaughtered. Good luck.

  29. I has question

    So you make this pie-portfolio of your chosen stocks with the amount of money in your account at that time. It gets dispersed depending on what percent those stocks hold in pie (right?). But if you add more money to the account at a later time, it too automatically is invested throughout those stocks at this later time. So my question: isn’t this a bad thing if you have a bunch of stocks that are at, for example, highs and the money you just added is invested into those stocks at that high price? Or am I missing something?

    Question simplified: if money you add into the account is invested into all those stocks, all at that time at once, why would you ever add external cash if it’s automatically going to purchase stocks that could be at all time highs?

    Follow up question: when you sell a stock, does it automatically reinvest that cash into all your stocks (increasing the amount and pie-percentage owned of those stocks) or do you now have liquid cash sitting in your account?

  30. $500 per week… Well, so much for me following along with this.

    Thought you meant a side thing where average people could follow along with and see how investing in the market, even with lower amounts is a good thing.

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