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Do online trading made easy for you. In an unstable world economy both average and seasoned traders alike are losing a lot of money. But somehow a select few are actually making more now than they ever have. The losers all have one thing in common. They’re still trading like it was the 1990’s. Trying to dig themselves out of a hole using the same strategies that got them there. It’s absolutely insane. And if you’ve lost on trades before, you’re not a happy camper. Especially if you’ve been paying so-called experts who never really understood profitable trading from the get go. Traditional trading is dead. Plain and simple. And the sooner you recognize that, the better off you will be.

Change can be scary. But those who embrace it are the ones that stand to make the most money. It’s time to finally admit that the old model of steady, long-term profits, when the market was consistently growing, doesn’t work anymore. It’s not sustainable. It’s not profitable. It’s not even a real strategy. So how are some of the big-time players killing it in today’s market? Well, just ask James Connelly, who turned a $1,000 into well over one million trading penny stocks while he was still going to college. His proven system is directly responsible for turning many of his students trades into profitable ROI’s time and time again.

The secret to James trading strategy lies in his system of obtaining information. Plain and simple! Legally getting heads up on penny stocks that are about to jump overnight. Quick transactions that occur in less than 24 to 48 hours. Then it’s simply rinse and repeat.

About Crypto Trading

The real professional Crypto traders are generating signals and they are delivering the signals via the Crypto Advantage platform. For the first time the Crypto Advantage is truly trading crypto currency pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and various crypto currency pairs and it does not trade binary options or Forex currency pairs. It is totally a crypto trading signal software and interestingly you can directly communicate with the signal providers via a live chat option.

That is really awesome. After registering with crypto advantage, you will get a free eBook that is worth $100. But you will get it for free and thee-book will help you to become a professional trader. After depositing money on your brokerage account, you can begin trading immediately. Unlike the fraud trading applications, Crypto Advantage software is not free.

Basic Criteria for Trading

One of the most important things about a trade journal is reviewing at the end of the day, end of the week, end of the month, end of the year, so make sure that ticker is in there. Next item you should have in your trade journal is your position size. Really, you know, many of these stocks you might be trading a 10-cent stock, a $1 stock, a $100 stock or may be even a $1000 stock, so you need to track your position size because what I’ve seen many traders find is that they perform worse with larger positions.

The bigger the position you take, the wider the profit and loss swing, the more emotions come in, so I think it’s very important to track that position size so you can see, are you one of those traders that’s taking too big of positions, letting emotions come in, and it’s affecting your trading?


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